Lamentations and Background

The boy strained to free his arms and rubbed his eyes. He glanced around and his breathing sped up. He looked up at the woman and then back around the room. He spoke in a language Joy only knew by chance, “…Where am I?” He remembered something and he started shaking, “D-d-daddy!” Tears brimmed in his eyes and his irises grew to be a maroon red.

Joy looked down at him and her face grew confused. She hugged the shaking boy, “You’re in Tinania now, little one.” She gently rubbed his back until his body stopped quivering. Her hands gently rubbed back and forth along his back.

He stopped all movement and looked at her, “D-d-d-dead.” His eyes overflowed and warm tears fell from his eyes as though storms were brewing rain. His small hands grasped hold of her shirt and he buried his face in her stomach, sobbing tremendously.

This is further along in the story with my baby boy waking up. He’s remembering the incident that sent him to Tinania in the first place. He’s currently speaking Egyptian Arabic. Joy has what my friend says in the Narnian world is the Gift of Tongues. Herself and Hime are the only ones so far with the gift. She knows all languages, even the ones that haven’t been spoken in eras.

Background for Amun and why, how and where he was created.

This is my baby boy. I love him more than any of my other characters. I first thought of him in a roleplay that was a Yugioh fanfiction with a friend. He was originally going to be a side character just to help pass the time and make Heba and Yugi get a little jump start in their reason to move to Egypt. But he ended up getting adopted by Heba. He was a child that was kidnapped by Amen in Egypt. Amen then captured a woman, Amenset, soon after and forced her to comply. They would go out together and come back with whatever they needed. Amun ended up getting lost and at a park where Yugi found him. He calmed down and started to walk away. Yugi followed. He went back to an old crappy house in a dark alley where Amen started to beat on the boy. Yugi tried stopping him with a pipe that he just took and swung at Amun. Amenset shielded him, taking the blow to her head that quite frankly did her in for good. Yugi took Amun and ran outside. Amen followed. Police arrived and it got broadcasted on tv. Heba and the dragon knights as well as Prince Atem rushed to them. Heba, being the simply badass chick she was, beat the crap out of Amen and took Yugi and Amun home. The next day he was adopted into the family as his parents weren’t able to be found.

History for Joy and her family.

Joy was created a got long time ago, first off starting as a character based off of me. She has grown from my persona to a major character of her own. Her abilities are vast and she’s the sweetest thing. Her quadruplet siblings were created as another set of personas for me so I placed them in the same family and gave them my real parents as parents. I developed the three way parentage in a roleplay with a friend. Her mother has given birth to seven kids total (only five in this story as it’s a bit of a past story…) and she has two fathers. The fathers are twins and look identical though one has dreadlocks while the other always has braided hair. At age five years old, she was kidnapped by a Michael character. He fed off her life energy until she was barely breathing her energy was exhausted. He broke her legs both in five places as well as had her hanging from her arms. She was hanging for fifty nine hours before she was found by her sister and eldest brother. Her arms were deemed useless as well as her legs due to the fact that she couldn’t get enough energy to enter her legs and arms. Her legs have been dead ever since and her arms are making a slow comeback but they’ll never be back to the way they were. She is permanently in the body of a child. She is physically smaller than most children.

That’s all for now!


I am currently writing a little story experimenting with my characters and kind of getting the jist of what they’d do in moments where strangers pop up in their life. Let me give you an excerpt.

Joy sat at her window, watching the clouds in the distance float towards the castle. They were a cheery white and Joy wondered, What would it be like to be a cloud? They grew heavy with rain then sprinkled their life bringing water along the earth, and disappeared in the twinkle of an eye. She wondered what floating would feel like. I can float. But would they let me? Joy wanted to try it out but she was a little skeptical due to her family that would definitely be worried if she so dared to attempt it.
Turning her gaze down to the ground, she noticed a young boy that she’d never seen before laying on one of the many benches in the garden. He looked like his face was flushed and he was sweating a lot. She knew it was nice weather because it never got over ninety degrees and never went below seventy in Tinania. Joy’s light blue eyes grew worried as she saw him toss and turn on the bench. He looked only to be two years of age. She looked around and lifted a bell from her wheelchair pocket. She rang it with a frantic note.

Feet came softly thudding down her hallway as a young woman came rounding about a corner. Her long blue black hair flew thunderously behind her and only settled down when she was at Joy’s side. Hime’s eyes took in her entire form and she finally asked, “What’s wrong?”

Joy looked up at her and smiled weakly. She shifted her gaze outside at the little boy, “I’ve never seen the boy before but he’s sweating too much to be appropriate for this weather. Please bring him here.” Joy looked back up at her, light blue eyes wet with warm tears, “Please, Hime.” 

Joy is the main character. She is also the sweetest little thing in the world with more kindness in her then all of us put together. She’s also the next Queen of Heaven. She had an accident with a man at age five and her legs are rendered useless. Her arms are weak and can lift only until her shoulders or actually just below her shoulders so she has to be extremely careful with everything.

Hime is Joy’s elder quadruplet, as well as the love of her life. These two have such a pure love that it’s like cotton candy gooeyness. Hime knew she loved her sister since a very young age and totally blamed herself for Joy’s accident even though there was nothing she could do. Reaping her grief and immense sorrow, she now serves Joy like a slave would serve a master. She refuses to speak to anyone but Joy and will simply ignore everyone should they attempt to goad her into speaking. She is the next gatekeeper, meant to take on all the duties of controlling the gateways of the dimensions. She will be the one to transport the dead to the judging quarters and from there to their next destination through the Gateways of Heaven and Hell.

The boy is a small child, his age actually being four not two. But he’s so small he looks less than two years old. His name is Amun and he’s the impersonation of Amun the god of Ancient Egypt. He is young but he understands more than he should. He’s got a submissive personality but is in the end truly dominant as he bends others to met his will without denying them what they need or want. He convinces people in ways that they choose to follow him as he is the rightful king of the gods.

Those are the three characters you meet in the excerpt. But there are quite a many more characters that are going to be added to the story, including Joy and Hime’s other quadruplets, their eldest brother, mother, two fathers, and Amun’s attackers. So you will be meeting quite a many few people if you stick around to read more!

Joyful Accomodations

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